Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's been awhile...

I did it!  I stopped playing FarmVille on FaceBook.  Actually I stopped in December.  Now back to updating my blog once in a while.  That game...  That FarmVille, was just too addicting.  I still hear it calling to me every so often.  "come back... come back and see how your farm is faring since you abandoned us...".  NOPE, I just won't do it!  It caught me in it's web twice before and this time I've escaped for good.  Unfortunately, there were a lot of "friends" made just because of that darn game.  And I never hear from them anymore.  But it was time, past time, that I got back into the real world.  Instead of creating creative quilt patterns on virtual fields of virtual flowers and virtual vegetable crops, I'm helping create real quilts with other real people to give away to those in need of a warm blanket.  Soon it will be time to get outside in the sunshine and plant real flowers, ones that I can actually touch and smell and watch grow in real time!  Back to friends I can talk to in person (what a novelty!).  Back to posting photos of things I love.  Keep watching this space... because I'm baaaack!

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Marianne said...

That's nice to hear. I know the addiction of facebook although I never played any of those games. Just too busy keeping in touch with my friends, and making some new ones. Sorry, I'm not one of those you get rid of so easily. ;-)
Have a nice day,